What Is Social Trading And How To Increase Your Investments With It?


What Is Social Trading And How To Increase Your Investments With It?

Social trading (also known as social investing) is a form of trading that involves copying other traders’ investments. In recent years, it has become extremely popular on mainstream trading platforms. Because of social investing, many amateur traders have been able to increase their portfolio’s profitability.

If you are interested in social investing and want to take it up, then you first need to learn about it. Social investing’s not as simple as you might think. You can’t just blindly make the same trades as other people. Even experts make mistakes sometimes.

This post will tell you all about social investing and how you can increase your investments with it:

What Is Social Investing?

As mentioned in this post’s introduction, social investing is an investment strategy, whereby traders copy the investments of more experienced investors. The trading sites that allow this sort of thing are very similar to social media platforms, in many respects. The platforms that allow social trading also allow users to post on each other’s pages, leave comments on posts, and communicate with each other directly. In addition to giving traders the ability to learn from more experienced investors, because of the chat function and the ability users have to communicate with one another, they can also learn from each other.

If you intend on using one of these platforms, however, then you need to make sure that you don’t just blindly follow other people’s trades. As mentioned already, experts make mistakes too.

Sensible Investment

If you are going to use social investing as a method of making investments, then you need to study each investment very carefully. While experts are less likely to make errors, they still can. If you see that an expert has made a trade, the first thing that you should do is study it. Investigate what the reasons for them making this trade are, and then if you think that it’s a good idea after this, then copy it. When an investor sells their stock, investigate the reasons behind this, too. Don’t just liquidate stock because somebody else is doing so. There could be myriad reasons for why they are doing this, unrelated to the stock’s profitability.

Social Features

As mentioned previously, social investing platforms give you the opportunity to interact with other users, including the experts whose trades you are copying. You shouldn’t overlook these social features when you are using these platforms. You can use them to your advantage. One of the most obvious ways that you can benefit from these features is by reaching out to the experts themselves and asking them for advice on trades and asking why they have been making certain trades.


Multiple Traders

When using social investing platforms it can be easy to select a single investor and then copy their trades, and their trades alone. You should know that when you are using social investment platforms, there are lots of traders that you can copy. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to just copy one. Copying multiple traders will help you to improve your profitability. It will also give you a better idea of how to make effective trades. Studying the trades of different investors will additionally help you to form your own strategies, which you can do by taking theirs and adapting them.

Researching Traders

In addition to researching the individual trades that are made by traders, you need to make sure that you research the traders themselves. If a trader isn’t experienced, then you shouldn’t copy their trades. If a trader has built a name up for themselves on a social investing platform, then there’s a very strong chance that there is information about them elsewhere on the internet. So that you have the best chance at profiting, read this information and make sure that the traders you are copying know what they are doing and have good reputations.


While throughout this post reference has been made to conducting research, you don’t have to if you really don’t want to. If you want to earn money passively and don’t have any intention of taking trading seriously, then you can always select auto-copy. Auto copy is a feature that’s offered by trading platforms, allowing you to automatically copy the trades of other traders. Once you’ve found a trader whose trades seem sensible to you, then you can automatically copy everything that they do. You can buy the same shares as them, and then sell them when they do. This can all happen without any intervention on your part.

Trading can be a great way of making money. In particular, social investing and trading can be very profitable. This is because you are able to copy the trades of investors that have a lot more experience and knowledge than you.