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NameCountyCityIndustryRevenue (USD)HeadcountFounded YearDescription
ICHIGO ICHIGOICHIGO ICHIGOJapanCredit Intermediation and Related Activities< 1M<= 100Manufacture of wood-based products such as wooden boxes by welding and sawing. In addition, it operates liquor stores and sells whiskey and shochu.
SAITO CONSULTING OFFICESAITO CONSULTING OFFICEJapanDocument Preparation Services< 1M<= 100We provide consulting services such as tax saving measures, business succession measures, and real estate investment. In particular, we are focusing on the introduction of tax accountants for sole proprietorship and small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, we also provide paperwork services such as document preparation and application form creation at the time of tax returns.
MATSUZAKIMATSUZAKIJapanConstruction Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 100We are engaged in the processing of building materials, and support a series of operations from the purchase of raw wood to the sale of housing. In addition, we also develop brokerage, lease, and management of real estate. It also operates a sawmill.
AUTO JAPAN CO., LTD.AUTO JAPAN CO., LTD.Japan44 - Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers, Furniture, Electronics/Appliances, Building Material, Garden Supplies, Food, Beverages, Health Care, Gas Stations< 1M<= 100We mainly perform sheet metal processing and painting of automobiles, and manufacture and sell custom parts. The company also sells car accessories such as wheels and aero parts. In addition, we are also engaged in the development and sale of automobile recycling systems.
GIKIGIKIJapanTelecommunications< 1M<= 100We are engaged in mail-order sales of knitted yarns. In addition, it operates a computer classroom, a cram school, and a yakiniku shop.
FURUKAWA START-UPFURUKAWA START-UPJapanOther Telecommunications< 1M<= 100In addition to the new construction, renovation, and renovation of housing, he also handles real estate sales, brokerage, and advertising businesses. We also provide consulting services related to mail order and management of real estate.
ONE ON ONE GKONE ON ONE GKJapanTelecommunications< 1M<= 100Mainly engaged in mail order business and rental of real estate. In addition, the company conducts inspection and processing business for food and miscellaneous goods, and a mail order business that sells rice grains by fax. In addition, we also undertake the operation of warehouses.
E.E.JapanPromoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events with Facilities< 1M<= 100We operate the Tsurugaoka ya, a restaurant that serves kaiseki dishes and set meals. It also supports banquets such as thank-you parties and legal affairs. A store in the back alley of Sendai Katahira, facing the tea room Ryokusui-an, a Japanese restaurant e. We sincerely look forward to serving you at dinner and important anniversary dinners. 仙台片平の裏路地、茶室緑水庵向かい、日本料理 e.(イーピリオド)白壁と二枚扉が目印のひっそりと佇むお店です。ご会食、大切な記念日のディナーなどご利用下さいませ、心よりお待ちしております。
G & GG & GJapanProfessional and Management Development Training< 1M<= 100He conducts planning and management of training, seminars, and symposiums related to training. It also conducts consulting on building maintenance and management, mail order sales, and staffing services.
SAKAI WORKSHOPSAKAI WORKSHOPJapanOther Services (except Public Administration)< 1M<= 100We design, manufacture, and install labor-saving machines, production facilities, and plant equipment. We also provide maintenance services for machinery and equipment, and respond to fault diagnosis and remodeling of existing facilities. Design, manufacture, installation, and labor saving of "manufacturing equipment" mainly in the glass industry This is Nunzaki Kosakusho, which handles maintenance.
YOSHIMOTO CORPORATIONYOSHIMOTO CORPORATIONJapanSales Financing< 1M<= 100Mainly engaged in the manufacture of yarns, sales of alcoholic beverages, and management of cram schools.
BUNKA INC.BUNKA INC.JapanUtilities< 1M<= 100Mainly perform maintenance, inspection and cleaning of septic tanks. We also undertake cleaning of water storage tanks and drains. Bunkasha Co., Ltd. handles inspection and cleaning of septic tanks, and environmentally friendly future environmental products, mainly in Kagoshima City. 株式会社文化社では鹿児島市を中心に浄化槽の点検・清掃、そして環境に優しい、これからの環境商品を取り扱っています。
CAVER CORPORATIONCAVER CORPORATIONJapanManagement Consulting Services< 1M<= 100Mainly engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of building materials such as resin, metal, and wood products. In addition, he is developing a human resource development business. Other group companies are engaged in real estate business and infrastructure development business.
AI ENGINEAI ENGINEJapanEducational Support Services< 1M<= 100We provide engineering services such as dispatch of engineers, system development, and contract development of industrial machinery. It also manufactures and assembles molds.
BIC PROJECTBIC PROJECTJapanBusiness Schools and Computer and Management Training< 1M<= 100We support the acquisition of P marks and licenses for small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide information on industrial accidents. In addition, we hold seminars and dispatch lecturers for qualification acquisition.
R & D CORPORATIONR & D CORPORATIONJapanOther Personal Services< 1M<= 100Contracting and contracting construction materials and civil engineering and building works. In addition, he conducts sales and mediation of solar power generation, business revitalization, and M&A. It also provides support for construction and civil engineering work.
JP ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.JP ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD.JapanAll Other General Purpose Machinery Manufacturing< 1M<= 100In addition to the operation of a company that provides information on the Internet, real estate management, and funeral services, the company also manufactures and wholesales raw materials for sewing.
AOYAMA STOREAOYAMA STOREJapanConstruction of Buildings< 1M<= 100A company that performs special cleaning, such as deodorizing and disinfection of rooms where a large number of people died indoors, including general housing. In addition, when it comes to house cleaning, we will ask the company for an agency to clean and clean the room after moving out. In addition, he also works on renovation work to restore the original condition of the apartment and renovation work to make it possible to live again. I want to get rid of mottainai!
A. PRA. PRJapanMotion Picture and Sound Recording Industries< 1M<= 100From planning to production of promotional tools such as POPs and fixtures. In addition, he undertakes photography, video production, and web production.
AKASAKA BUSINESSAKASAKA BUSINESSJapanManagement Consulting Services< 1M<= 100Mainly engaged in real estate sales and brokerage. In addition, he is responsible for business related to accounting and management of group companies.